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Tournament Results

2023 Classic

Camp Mack

Day One

On day one of the Classic, Herb hauled in a 5 pounder and an 8.24 pounder. Herb had not only the Big Bass of the day he also had the most weight. Herbs total weight for the day was 17.28 pounds. Great job Herb.

Jerry brought in a nice bag weighing 10.52 pounds, and Ryan Montgomery weighed in 9.92 pounds.

Day Two

On the second day of the Classic, Jerry weighed on 14.7 pounds which vaulted him into first place where he would remain and win the Classic. Eddie Diggs had a nice bag weighing 8.83 pounds. John Trotter had the Big Bass which weighed 5.87 pounds. Great job guys.


Tournament #12

2023 Classic

November 11-12

Camp Mack

Weight by Pounds

1 - Jerry Shawver           24.69

2 - Herb Brinson             23.18

3 - Ryan Montgomery     15.78

4 - John Trotter              13.55

Big Fish Herb Brinson - 8.24

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